Little Moments

Baby sister and mom on the floor. They are engulfed in oceans of blankets…soft cotton and hushed giggles. Glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, hot tea by the glowing lamplight. Nighttime here.

A bike ride at the park. God’s breath tangling my long hair, a happy heart, blurring past blurring past blurring past, freedom.

Soft glances he gives me in between chapters of our favorite book. I look away quickly and he smiles. A flushed face. I carry the magic home with me.

Glitter glue. Hand-spun yarns. A few lost stars wandering. Eyelashes. Snowflakes and gossamers, whispers in the dark. Hands folded, saying grace. Wrinkles. The scent of rain. Pine needles on a forest floor. Palm fronds shivering together.

…these are the little moments I cannot share by speaking. It will be too much like giving away parts of myself. So I keep them safe, tucked into the folds and lapels of my mind…the enchanted moments of my every day. Everything beautiful and lovely and raw.


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