Turning around

Your glory is so beautiful… oh Jesus.

When I feel ashamed because of my sins, I will look to you. I will look to the one hanging on a tree, rejected and ridiculed, scorned and shunned, spat on… oh, the wrath of God I deserved with every breath, poured out upon you so that I could live.

Now I am free to struggle, but I’m not struggling to be free.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for your humility. Your obedience. Your love.

When I look at myself, I see so much malice and hate…the fights I have with my brother, my reluctance in forgiving others. I am quick to anger. It is hard to apologize, hard to be meek, hard to submit. It is hard to deny myself and pick up my cross… but because He did, I will follow.

Jesus, it is so hard. You see my every burden. You see my sorry heart. And you love me still so much. You love me through and through. So I will stop looking at myself to look at you—oh glorious one, sitting at the right hand of God, inviting me to places even angels dare not tread. I was made for you.

I will look at you, oh high and mighty…beautiful one, with eyes like flames of fire and hair white as wool, a voice that sounds like waters… when I look at you, oh, Jesus, when I look at you… nothing matters. It doesn’t matter how sinful I am or how ashamed I feel.

What matters is that you loved me enough to die for me. And you love me still. Yesterday. Today. Forever.

I can’t wait to see you, Jesus. It’ll be so so so glorious… when you come on the clouds to take me home, wow. I will know that every tear was worth it. When every eye sees and every tongue confesses, when every knee bows before you, O King… I will know that it was worth it—every temporal suffering, every cross I bore, oh the narrow road… this sojourn will be worth it all when I see you face to face. I know this to be true.

O Lover of my soul, come quickly!