some thoughts I listed from January 12th:

  1. There’s something endearing about the way my sister reaches her fist into the box of plain cornflakes before she leaves for school in the morning.
  2. in forests, in gold streams
  3. Why hasn’t he replied?
  4. flowers strung along a wall. cracks in the pavement.
  5. I want to create.
  6. What do I look like to other people?
  7. First impressions (to write about later)
  8. I’ve been thinking in pictures more than in words lately
    is that how we all think?
    i think so.
  9. I really miss them.
  10. the clouds look like purple elephants.
  11. how much of my sister’s life am I missing?
  12. My hands smell like clementine.
  13. citiesclouds

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