a song that just needs to be sung

You melt my heart. over and over and over again, oh desire. Come nearer, give me more than emotion, give me truth. You are doing something new. You are bringing joy where there was sorrow. Dancing instead of mourning. Your word is true! It is flawless, faultless, forever. Let me wake every morning to the songs of Your love for me, for humanity, sleep every night with your eyes on me. I look to You. Lockstep, lock eyes with You. Because of Your infinite kindness towards me. Jesus. Sweet name. I can’t wait to see you. Purify my heart ever more so that I may see your face… and where fear is, let faith be the fight I choose to fight. I love it, I love you, you’ve marked my heart and now I cannot go anywhere without thinking about you.

help me to believe in your love for me, that it will always surpass any love I have for you… that it is full and yet always overflowing. Jesus! whisper Jesus. sing shout Jesus. only Jesus.

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